local changes which are not added to commit but untracked files Edit

git status

local changes which are added and not checked in locally Edit

git diff

differences local checked in to server Edit

git diff master origin/master

graphical diff Edit

In case you happen to run somewhere where you have an X-Server



git diff R194..R194c | kompare -

I installed this in /usr/share/meld/vc:

I installed this under /home/<user>

import sys
import os
os.system('meld "%s" "%s"' % (sys.argv[2], sys.argv[5]))

now if we tell git to use meld it should work:

git config --global diff.external /home/<user>/

diff between two tags Edit

git diff R194..R194c

to see only which files changed

git diff --name-only R194..R194c

diff between two tags of a specific file

git diff <tagX> <tagZ> -- path/filename

diff of same file between two tags Edit

git diff <tag/branch1>:<filename> <tag/branch2>:<filename>
git diff R194:src/ic_NativeImpl/NativeImpl_IrRc/NativeImpl_IrRc_md_MIPSSMP86XX_WEGENER_LINUX/NativeImpl_IrRc_md_MIPSSMP86XX_WEGENER_LINUX.c R197_3:src/ic_NativeImpl/NativeImpl_IrRc/NativeImpl_IrRc_md_MIPSSMP86XX_WEGENER_LINUX/NativeImpl_IrRc_md_MIPSSMP86XX_WEGENER_LINUX.c

diff between branch and tag Edit

without creating a local branch Edit

git diff --name-only -b <branch> <tag>
git diff -b <branch> <tag>

creating a local branch Edit

git checkout -b <local_branch_name> <branch_name>
git branch
git diff --name-only <tag>
git diff <tag>


git checkout -b local_R194b origin/R194bgit branch git diff --name-only R194cgit diff R194c

from master branch Edit

git diff --name-only origin/R194b R194c
git diff origin/R194b R194c