what is needed for ic_common Edit

issue status who status
.gitignore in ic_common-cooked_for_git rber done
permissions (.sh, .c, .h) more? in ic_common-cooked_for_git rber done
new great code needs to be fixed in ic_common-cooked_for_git rber open
ic_common_ver in ic_common-cooked_for_git rber done
whitespaces after compile will be fixed from git for future versions (problem also with CVS) amou open
tagging of branches from git amou open
hash and -dirty fix if ic_common-cooked_for_git - compile ic_common_ver at the end rber open

add git specific stuff to ic_common and re-tag Edit

Here I'll try to add stuff to R194 and to retag it as R194-git

get the hash of refs/tags/R194 Edit

git ls-remote origin | grep R194
cb4b2f4b9794e1ad2ac15df0aa8f3e980ab1e030        refs/tags/R194

checkout to a local branch Edit

git checkout cb4b2f4b9794e1ad2ac15df0aa8f3e980ab1e030 -b local_cvs_to_git_R194

make the modifications Edit

create a patch Edit

#hack, commit, hack, commit,...
git format-patch -M -C -s --keep-subject -o 2009_07_22-0001-to_amou-cvs_to_git <version_to_patch_against>


git format-patch -M -C -s --keep-subject -o 2009_07_22-0001-to_amou-cvs_to_git cb4b2f4b9794e1ad2ac15df0aa8f3e980ab1e030
git tag -f 2009_07_16-0001-to_amou-cvs_to_git