curious things

  • files missing
    • checkout R_080624_146 from cvs and git and will be empty from git, but not empty from CVS ???


  • ic_common + phoneme
    • remove CVSROOT folder (done)
    • add scripts to retrieve tag/branch version and git hash and integrate this
  • phoneme
    • remove .svn folders and files


  • before we copy from stpbox we must move all used folders (like ic)common, phoneme, etc) to a higher level inside cvsroot so that people can check out them with their proper name while we can leave the rest of the old stuff inside
  • remote access for robf
  • mailman through Web
  • mailing issue on FreeBSD
  • old Amino build on LJ VM
  • CVS history file no permission to write
  • create ftp server on stpbox3
  • automate to add .profile to new ldap users

(done rber, myfa, fotd, amou,...)

  • ....
  • Howto add new user to system - ldap integration !!!! script !!!!
  • add samba accounts for new users

(done myfa, rber, amou, fotd, ... )

  • final copy of bugzilla + integration
  • final copy of CVS
  • /usr/local/www/apache22/data/favicon.ico